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How busyness leads to bad decisions

How busyness leads to bad decisions

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Chronically Busy

Chronically Busy

Normally, people who are busy and stressed out on constant work, eradicate their work-life balance by bringing work home or worrying about unfinished work too much, leading to stress.

Chronically busy people feel pressed for time and are stressed out, narrowing their attention and cognitive bandwidth.


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When we are having a narrow cognitive bandwidth, it can help us hyper-focus but is also harmful.

Tunnelling can lead us to focus on the urgent but not so important tasks immediately in front of us, which at the end of the day isn't very productive.


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Email as a Slot Machine

Email as a Slot Machine

Email is the perfect addictive slot machine of our attention.

Our brain craves something new and likes being interrupted with some notification rather than focusing on one task continuously.

Email is pseudo work masquerading as real work and is not productive if handled all the time.


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Sitting Idle

People love being busy and cannot sit idle. A study found people preferred giving themselves electric shocks rather than sitting idly all day.

Smoking, for example, is habit-forming due to the same reason, having something to do, instead of being idle.


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Checking Email on Intervals

People who are checking their emails on a pre-set schedule are less stressed out than people in front of the inbox the whole day, replying to emails as they come, eventually increasing their incoming mails and avoiding real productive work.


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Time Scarcity

Time Scarcity

A scarcity mindset, the feeling that we have less time, is the same as having less money.

We don't have space, the peace or the mental clarity to do what's right or important, so we end up doing what's urgent and stay trapped in the tunnel.


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Less Time, More Focus

Less Time, More Focus

If we plan our limited time, taking care of focusing on productive work, rather than doing unproductive 'busy' work all the time, we end up being more accurate, and careful, leading to growth and real benefits of work.


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"The key is in not spending time, but in investing it." - Covey

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