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Seven Sins of the Creative Brief

Seven Sins of the Creative Brief


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Sin #1: No Brief

The failure to develop a creative brief is a cardinal sin. The creative brief is important because it is the unifying document that identifies the important key benefits for a campaign of launch.

The creative brief tells the story and explains why it's important to the aud...

Sin #2: Poor Objectives

Having poor objectives that do not convey what needs to be done will not lead to a desirable outcome because it order to achieve that we need to understand which metrics needs to be moved and by how much to accomplish that business goal.

Sin #3: Targeting Everyone

The reality is that although we want 'everyone' to be our target audience, it is neither realistic not sensible. Consumers are different -- each have a distinct functional and psychological need -- therefore we have to talk to them differently to be persuasive. 

Plus, targe...

Sin #4: The Lack of Insight

The best advertising connects with the target costumers because it shows understanding of their needs and pain points.

It takes time to truly know your customer so don't cut corners in this process.

Sin #5: Overpacking Positioning

When asked "why should people buy your product?" what do you answer?

More often than not, brands take a shotgun approach to talking about everything they do well and as a result their messages come off feignly

Great positioning is having a focus on the key benefit t...

Sin #6: Shiny-Object Syndrome

As new opportunities emerge, many brands are chasing the "shiny object" instead of starting with a strategy. 

New media channels can present exciting opportunities but don't get caught chasing tactics -- chase your customer.

Sin #7: Bad Measurement

In an age where digital channels allow more exposure, click-through, and even purchase rates -- brands have routinely failed at measurement. 

All too often, we see brands discussing their measurement strategy after the campain but due to this they are often not set up to ask the right quest...

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