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The many meanings of hybrid

The term “hybrid work” has come to mean more flexibility around working both remotely and in the office. But perhaps we could be applying the same term to the speed of work as well.

What if hybrid means:

  • Some days you work quickly and sprint, and other days you take things slow and focus more on the process and deep work.
  • Some months you happen to be in a busy period and you orient your life towards working from sun up to sleep, and then other months when work abates through the normal course of business, you take extended time off.



“Fast, always” is a recipe for burnout. If there’s one thing the pandemic revealed, it was our society’s “cult of busyness.” We were able to see just how much of our day was engineered to make ourselves feel busy, regardless of whether or not we were making tangible progress on any meaningful initiatives (interpersonally or professionally).

In order for Work-Life 2.0 to take hold, new hybrid styles of work will need to be invented and engineered in order to accommodate for the great awakening that has occurred (and is still occurring) across every generation. 



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