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Claustrophobia, a common phobia, is the fear of enclosed spaces or being trapped. People with claustrophobia may be afraid of being in confined areas such as tunnels or elevators.



The fear of flying is called aerophobia. Those who have lost a family member in a plane crash or who have witnessed a plane crash or accident may develop the phobia, but others who have never experienced trauma while flying may still experience aerophobia. The phobia persists even though flying is very safe.



People who suffer from agoraphobia have excessive fear of being in open spaces or being anywhere from which they could not easily leave. Those with agoraphobia often worry about help not being available to them or about being embarrassed in front of others. There are many underlying causes of agoraphobia, but it appears to have a genetic component and it can run in families.

Social Phobia

Social Phobia

Social phobia is an extreme fear of social situations such as speaking in public and interacting with others. The fear can be so extreme it can affect one's relationships with friends, family, and work colleagues. People with social phobia are terrified of being embarrassed in social situations. Social phobia is also sometimes called social anxiety disorder.

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