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Focus On The Audience

  • It can be a challenge to explain to an eleven-year-old about capitalism, but if we know how small the kid is, we would likely use language that the kid can understand.
  • Focusing on the audience is key to most presentations, and many people fail because they focus only on what matters to them, not caring a bit about what the audience thinks.
  • One needs to focus on action and have a clear message that the audience has with them at the end of the presentation.


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Don’t blame your audience

Don’t blame your audience

If your attempts at communication fail, blame yourself. 

You clearly haven’t conveyed the message in a way that your audience wants to hear, at a time that works for them. Reflect on what might have gone wrong, so that you can do better next time, and then move on. 

Saying What The Audience Wants To Hear

When speaking to an audience, making things simple involves not saying what you want to say, but what the audience wants to hear.

A simple message thoughtfully repeated, anchors itself inside the mind of the audience and becomes their main takeaway.

Talk to ...

Focus On The Positive Parts

We tend to focus on giving employees critical feedback. But, by focusing on their weaknesses, we only create competence. By focusing on their strengths, we create excellence.

Give equal measures of positive and negative feedback. We usually gloss over the strengths, but...

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