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1. Painting

1. Painting

Painting can be a great stress reliever.

Painting gives you a different perspective on life – it teaches you not to care about what others think, and to master this skill, you must learn to trust your judgment. Plus, it is the best way to make your emotions and feelings come alive. You can even take painting courses and turn your art into a business.


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A medical student!🩺 I’d like to live as simply as possible. I love reading- regardless of what type of book it is. People are wonderful, especially those closest to me. I’m determined to do some good for others in whatever I end up doing in the future.

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Day 1:

  • Learning the game of power requires a certain way of looking at the world, a shifting of perspective.
  • The most important of these skills is the ability to master your emotions.
  • Anger is the most destructive of emotional responses, for it clouds your vision the most.

Practice Mindfulness

Practice Mindfulness

It can help you to increase your ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression.

It can also help you to focus your attention, as well as to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Learn something new

Learn something new

... even if it's stressful. Mastering a new skill means more stress now but more happiness later.

The key is to choose the right new skill to master, a challenge to undertake, or an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. The greatest increases in happiness come from learning...

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