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5 Ways to Combat the "Great Resignation" and Build a Thriving Team -

5 Ways to Combat the "Great Resignation" and Build a Thriving Team -

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Culture Hierarchy of Needs

Culture Hierarchy of Needs

  1. Tools for the job
  2. Organizational clarity
  3. Psychological Safety
  4. Connection
  5. Personal Fulfilment

5. Personal fulfillment

You cannot force anyone to find personal fulfillment in their work, but you can create an environment that fosters it, by atrenting to the first four needs and thereby setting stage for this one to be achieved as well.

When team membes are fulfilled, they are fully utilizing their gifts with a team which they love, doing work that is fulfilling.

And the awesome part is that this fulfillment is contagious - it is actively reproducing in the other members. They notice other team members at different stages and are personally invested in helping everyone on the team move through the stages.

4. Connection

We are designed as humans for community. We are designed to do life with others.

How can a leader enable this?

Building organizational rhythms that allow for connection and create a culture of mutual commitment and accountability.

But it’s important here that we don’t create false harmony or toxic positivity. We must lean into the principles of healthy relationships where candor ( the quality of being open and honest ) and integrity drive our interactions with one another.

3. Psychological safety

In order to find synergy and alignment, team members need to build trust and respect for one another, be self-aware and others-aware, and feel like they can actively bring their best work.

Basically this brings value and trust which leads to high commitment and an active contribution.

1. Tools for the job

When team members are distracted because they don’t have the appropiate tools to do their work, it becomes difficult for them to contribute at a higher level.

2. Organizational clarity

What is expected of me?

As leaders, you need to provide clarity for:

  • shared purpose and goals
  • organizational structure
  • defined roles and responsibilities
  • values and behaviors that define success for the team

This will give members a security and will define their role and place on the team.

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