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The Art Of Listening

  • While talking to strangers, we need to signal our engagement by summarizing or paraphrasing what the other person has said, to show that we were listening attentively.
  • We need to amplify our visible engagement with eye contact and nodding, as the other person does not know us at all, and is relying on the cues we send out.


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Elements of Active Listening

Elements of Active Listening

  • Subtly nod, respond non-verbally and maintain eye contact while listening.
  • Paraphrasing what the person is saying is tricky as it can lead to misjudgment.
  • Encourage the person to speak more, elaborating on what is meant. 

The Lost Art of Active Listening

The lost art of listening actively and with patience is to be revived.

We all are already fighting with the voices in our heads and also to make ourselves heard, that we overlook the importance of listening carefully and attentively.

The FBI’s Use Of Active Listening Techniques

  • Minimal Encouragements: Through body language, or brief verbal replies, negotiators demonstrate that they are focused and listening attentively to the subject, this encourages the subject to keep talking and gradually relinquish more control over the situation.
  • Paraphrasing...

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