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Why Crash Weight Loss Programs Don't Work: Clues From Hunter-Gatherer Societies

Why Crash Weight Loss Programs Don't Work: Clues From Hunter-Gatherer Societies

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The Best Diet For Weight Loss

The Best Diet For Weight Loss

Everyone who wants to lose weight asks what to avoid eating and what is the best diet to follow. New research on metabolism is emphasizing how we eat and expend the calories, rather than what we eat.

Our body’s caloric expenditure has been compared to an engine or a machine for ages, but newer studies compare it to a business, where the main aim is to survive and procreate.

The Biggest Loser

New insights on how the body adjusts the calorie expenditure and metabolism makes one understand how foolish it is to starve oneself and exercise hard to lose weight.

Your body may show some initial results due to your starving yourself, but that will be pushed back as the metabolic rate will start to auto-adjust to the new reality, ensuring that the lost weight is back in weeks.

Rethinking What Exercise And Diet Is

Exercise helps one regulate their body, keeps it in shape and is essential for us no matter how much we eat. 

If we live with the hunter-gatherer societies and see how they live, work and eat, the diet fads like vegan, paleo etc. will seem ridiculous and even dangerous.

One has to eat plenty of plants, roots, pulses, honey and burn it by having an active lifestyle 24 hours a day, not just an hour at the gym.

The Way Of The Hunter-Gatherers

The body becomes good at prioritizing the calorie expenditure, if there is plenty of physical activity.

Just like more output in a factory results in more goods produced that can be profitable for the business, being physically active and burning thousands of calories every day leads to an auto-adjustment in the body, which is surprisingly flexible and agile.

Exercise Isn’t To Burn Calories

Being physically active has an indirect advantage that goes beyond burning calories: spending less energy on other aspects of our body like inflammation levels, reactivity to stress and other unwanted areas.

Exercise then becomes a way to redirect and refocus energy expenditure and an auto-adjustment of metabolism.

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