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2. Remove Distractions

2. Remove Distractions

By adding white space to your life, you remove the distractions that stand in your way and move focus to work and what you want to do. Minimize distractions in your daily life to make progress in meaningful work. Grab a pen and paper and list down distractions in your life for each of these three areas. Intangible distractions are notifications from your phone or random web browsing sessions without an end in mind.


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3 Types of Distractions

3 Types of Distractions

  • Physical: they range from the clutter on your desk or having too many clothes, making it harder to choose an outfit in the morning.
  • Intangible: notifications from your phone, random web browsing sessions without an end in mind, convoluted apps and sy...

Physically remove distractions

Physically remove distractions

Notifications, phone calls, and noise in the office can make it much harder to get through your to-do list quickly.

Remove those temptations by physically removing stuff like notifications, turning your phone on airplane mode, or even putting your phone in your bag. And if you...

Remove distractions

  • Use Headphones: Coworkers will think you can’t hear them and the barrier to interrupt you is much higher
  • Work Remotely: start by asking for a half-day, preferably mornings
  • Email: treat email as a to-do and schedule it in your calendar twice per day

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