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Tips to become a great leader

  • Practice "radical transparency". Include your employees in the decisions that directly affect them. Ask them for feedback on proposals or share essential news with them before it becomes public.
  • Study how your team works as a whole. The success of one person influences the success of others.
  • Seek mentorship and ask for guidance.
  • "Manage up". Don't wait for your boss to create a plan for you based on what they think you can do. Instead, position yourself for your next role. Ask yourself how you are innovating your current role.


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"With great power comes great responsibility". We all know who said that, but it's so true.

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Must knows to become a good leader

Must knows to become a good leader

  • Be resilient, always seek to overcome adversity and move on;
  • A good leader can get the best ideas from the worst situations;
  • Have determination, because in times of crisis it takes strength to reach your goals;
  • Great leaders can arise from different realities;

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