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Compliment etiquette

A compliment is an effective way to make other people feel happy. And it doesn't cost you a thing.

  • Context is important. It is not proper to compliment someone's appearance if there's a risk of objectifying them.
  • Stick to compliments that really convey someone's social value. For example, praise on a presentation or the way someone handled a difficult client.
  • If you have a kind thought that shows respect to the other person, share it.


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The Basic Components of an Effective Compliment

The Basic Components of an Effective Compliment

  1. Use their name. When giving out a compliment with their name on it, it feels like your making them worth your time because of the emphasis on their name.
  2. Make the compliment as specific as possible. Giving out half-hearted compliments like "Good Job"...

The Power of Using Someone's Name

The Power of Using Someone's Name

Using someone's name is crucial in building a connection. It demonstrates that you value them and have made an effort to remember their name, making your interaction meaningful and personal. According to Carnegie, a person's name is the fundamental element in any language...

3. Remember names

3. Remember names

People are more likely to like you if they feel like you're paying attention to them. One way to do this is to remember their names. When you remember someone's name, it shows that you're interested in them and that you care about them.

Tips for remembering names:

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