"There’s Only One Person Out There For Me" - Deepstash
"There’s Only One Person Out There For Me"

"There’s Only One Person Out There For Me"

Dating to find “The One” is extremely limiting—and often leads to major disappointment. There is never going to be one perfect person whose love is so powerful that it checks every box, heals all our wounds, and makes us want to delete all the apps. 

Instead of looking for perfection, look for potential. Great potential is fundamental to meaningful growth, and couples are supposed to grow and change. Destiny relationships—those of fate and perfection and “the one”—often break when the mythology of perfect love with “the one" reveals itself in the cracks of our relationships.


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If music is your love language, find someone who understands your undying need to spend your weekends hula-hooping in neon lights.

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