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Write to think

Writing is thinking. It is a way to understand and order the world better.

Writing is a process of self-discovery. You may start with a specific topic in mind, and as the essay fills out and your curiosity increases, the end result may be different from what you started with. 


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Never give up. Always find a reason to keep trying.

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The Psychology of Willpower

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How to overcome temptation and distractions

The role of motivation in willpower

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Evaluating criteria

The goal of an essay is to surprise the reader. If you write about a topic you understand reasonably well, and you're able to discover things you didn't consciously realize when you started writing, you have something worth saying.

Let your friends read your work. They'll sometimes find s...

Write Your Blues

  • Writing is a process of unfurling your thoughts and is a healthy alternative to sitting down with a friend and having a heart-to-heart talk. Just writing down what’s on your head and having it in front of you provides you with a space to interact with your thoughts productively.
  • ...

Assignments and their fulfillment

In order to be efficient when doing your assignments, the most important step is to select, and quickly, a topic. Once you have the topic, you should start writing, instead of thinking too much of all the possible outcomes. Avoid, as much as possible, to lose time on unnecessary thoughts.

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