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The three pillars of life management

The three pillars of life management

  1. Personal goals. Instead of creating multiple to-do lists, consider your life as a whole. By acknowledging that you are more than the sum of your parts, you can work on what researchers call intergoal facilitation. 
  2. Self-regulation. Once you have selected your integrated goals, you need to understand and manage your reactions to events happening around you. This self-regulation process involves practicing new skills or seizing the right moment, and finding ways to overcome obstacles to success.
  3. Age-related expectations. You may need to adjust your goals based on the phase of your life. 


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Holistic life management is never “done and dusted” — it’s a constant work in progress of selecting integrated goals, regulating our reactions, and adjusting our expectations. 

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Reflect on the main categories of your life

  1. Personal goals: Ask yourself, “How have I taken care of myself this year? What is one thing I can add to my routine that involves self-care?”
  2. Household goals: Choose one area of the house to clean out in January. 
  3. Relationship goals:

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