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Investment Selection

Investment Selection

When considering a deal, VCs will look at the attractiveness of the market, strategy, technology, product/service, customer adoption, competition, deal terms, and the quality and experience of the management team.


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Biomedical Scientist

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The Imposter Cure

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Strategies for building self-confidence

Techniques for embracing your strengths and accomplishments

Tips for seeking support and feedback

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Define customer service quality for your company

Collect data from the following sources:

  • Your company and team values.
  • Your customer service vision or philosophy.
  • Existing CSAT and NPS comments that focus on positive or negative customer service interactions.

The Customer's Journey

The Customer's Journey

  1. When we get a new customer to set up and optimize on a product we call this onboarding
  2. Escalations happen when we address the issues that flows over the scope the mainline customer service
  3. For the products that have a fixed but renewable rela...

Product Manager: Vision & Strategy

Product Manager: Vision & Strategy

You own the vision, strategy, and roadmap. You know the market, our users, the product, and the competition. You create innovative product plans that address real user needs. 

You make the right judgments, repeatedly. You tell the story of what we’re building, how we’ll get...

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