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Hiring Without an Office

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Hiring Without an Office

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“There’s a lot of talk regarding secondary markets in gaming, for example facilitating the exchange of skins or special artifacts. There’s also the notion of having special editions of some items in some games.

But I think that NFTs intrinsically are tied with the adoption of blockchain. Later adopters won’t necessarily understand the realm of NFTs."

"We want to see NFTs create completely new patterns – new usage – within gaming. If we can make them fun and then use them as an intrinsic part of gameplay, that would be a win.” – said Panyasiri.


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Early adoption is a key to future growth

As with all new technologies, having a dedicated and numerous base of early adopters is essential to ensuring the success of any platform, app, or game. Early adopters are often the most vocal advocates of a new game and assist in creating the viral momentum needed to outpace churn.

It’s b...


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Decentralized governance, the ultimate player feature

some games could spawn new, professional player economies, where players ‘play to earn’ and have a level of control over a game’s updates and evolution.

If you create these economies around games, with the blockchain, there is the potential to provide some kind of decentralized governance.


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Gaming studios embracing blockchain’s potential

Gaming studios have been quick to embrace microtransactions as a way of monetizing their content and creating additional revenue streams to maximize profitability and increase CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) against spend like development costs and CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs).

“Thanks to...


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The Brave New World

When global gaming behemoth Ubisoft announced it had partnered with the Paris-based Nomadic Labs to become a corporate baker on the Tezos network, it was a clear signal that blockchain’s uses within gaming is set for an exciting new chapter.

the gaming sector has shown a burgeoning interest...


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Generational shift

the game players of today have grown up with free-to-play gaming ecosystems where goods are offered and traded freely and users’ gift items they intrinsically see as having value to other people.

“It goes to free-to-play and how there’s a generational shift in how our kids, who are born usi...


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