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Correcting the culture

  • Empathy at the core business. He believed understanding customer unmet and uninformed needs required high levels of empathy. The thought the same levels of empathy need to be extended internally to employees as well. This helped Microsoft to transform from a metric-based, process-based organisation to a more humane one. 
  • He saw performance not as a zero-sum game but a win-win situation for everyone. Thus having a performance management system based on a forced ranking of employees didn't make much sense to him. The overhaul of the same led to the improvement of Microsoft culture. 



  • Recent acquisitions of Microsoft has been focused on building capacity and infrastructure in areas where they lacked. 
  • Microsoft has been traditionally weak in the building of communities of its users as compared to other tech giants like Facebook, google or apple. 
  • Hence Nadella's interest in acquiring Linkedin, Github and Minecraft has been aimed at that. 
  • Moving away from the advocates of monopoly in previous decades, Microsoft has learned to embrace the power of communities through its collaboration with the OpenAI movement.


  • Satya Nadella when came in was confused about how to position himself. To be clear what he can bring to the table to a global organisation with superstar founders. 
  • He applied the first principle thinking to relook at some of the assumptions underlying the business model and ways of working at Microsoft. 



  • The morale of the business team of 'Bing' the search engine was down because it was a loss-making business. However, Nadella sensed an opportunity. 
  • He looked at the world-class talent and resources at bing and figured that the same resources could be used at developing similar features for cloud offerings. 
  • He brought both teams together and worked jointly to create market-leading products in the domain of the cloud. 


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Essential Oils
  • Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants and capture their scent and flavor, or "essence", enhanced with aromatic compounds.

  • Essential oils are made via distillation and cold-pressing.

  • These are commonly utilized in aromatherapy and are only used externally.

  • Inhaling the aromas from these essential oils can stimulate the limbic system of the brain, which controls emotions and memory.


Inventions Come in Stages

Invention often comes in stages and phases, when existing technology is looked at and mixed with new creative insights, a process that sometimes takes thousands of years.

This makes it hard to pinpoint the exact time and place a certain object is invented.


A person with phobia:
  • feels too much mental and physical anxiety
  • avoids situations where they may come across what they fear
  • suffers personally or professionally in some way. A person with a phobia may turn down a promotion because that job would involve sometimes traveling cross country and they're afraid of flying on an airplane.