Consider Genuinity

Consider Genuinity

Clients look for representation that they can resonate with or someone that they feel will be able to connect with them.

When writing your bio, check with your firm if they already have an established template for it but if there's a theme or message that you need to follow, do so; but if not, feel free to share aspects of your life outside of work.


5 Tips for Writing an Attorney Bio


Keep Your Bio Up to Date

The rule of thumb when updating your bio is that it's best to make changes to it every quarter with any new information or accomplishments.

By ensuring that your bio is up to date, you'll be able to gain a tinge of advantage over the competition. 


Express Your Passion

Hiring the best lawyer possible is what prospective clients look for when looking for a legal representative. Keep this thought in mind when writing your bio. In order to express this, you may jot down your motivation for legal work and anything else related to it.

Sharing a heartfelt passage shows that you care about your clients and that will give them something to ponder upon.


Use Brief Sentences

Your bio as a legal representative must be long enough to give your prospective clients enough information to want to reach out to you - but not so long that they'd be having a snoozefest

If there are a lot of things you want to include in your bio, a solution is to create two versions of it. A short one, to keep on the firm's website; and a long one for the potential clients that want a more thorough understanding of your experience. 


Talk About Your Successes

Writing about your prior successes will allow people to peek into your strategies and diligence in representing past clients. If you're wondering how to start writing them, here are a few questions that could help:

  • What is the percentage of your clients that you have kept out of jail?
  • What is the aggregate amount of money you've been able to recover on behalf of your clients?
  • What percentage of cases have you won?

If your expertise is on a field where it's easy to show your success, keep the list short - about 3 to 5 recent or historic accomplishments.


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Hollywood’s Love For Movies With Lawyers

Movies about law, having heroic or ferocious lawyers often strike gold in Hollywood, giving good competition to big-ticket movies.

To Kill A Mockingbird, a 1962 adaptation of a book by Harper Lee, had the character Atticus Finch, a fictional lawyer who became the greatest hero of all American cinema in a list ‘100 Years... 100 Heroes and Villains’ by the American Film Institute.


Why Hollywood loves lawyers

The Bull's-Eye Exercise

The Bull's-Eye exercise allows us to examine how closely our actions align with our values. 

With this exercise, we consider the four important domains of our lives: work and career, relationships, personal growth and health, and leisure.

We then take the time to review our actions so far and gain back the balance from the neglected areas of our lives. Afterwards, we start setting achievable goals. It's an exercise cycle of pausing, reassessing, and making adjustments as we go.



Are you living your values? Use the 'Bull's-Eye' exercise to check these 4 areas of your life

It involves paying attention to something while letting go of judgments and assumptions. Don’t try to change it. Instead, be open to the experience, regardless of whether you like or dislike it. 



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