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5. Maintain consistency and frequency

Have you thought about how often you'll be sending out newsletters to your subcribers without overwhelming them? If you badger your subcribers with tens of emails out of the blue it will instill a negative experience within them which will make them want to unsubscribe.

However, if you maintain consistency and frequency of sending out newsletters, subscribers are more likely to be anticipating.


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4. Include relevant content

Your content is the driving force of your email marketing campaigns, It would be best if you plan out what you'll include in your newsletters before you send them out.

Use different data -- demographic, behavioral, transactional, and customer preferences -- using data analytics to understan...

2. Pick an interesting subject line

The subject line creates the first impression of your e-mail. If it isn't intriguing enough it's most likely not going to be read and probably just straight to the trash. 

to understand the interests of your subscribers, refer to data analytics and this will guide you on how to phrase your ...

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