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Executive intelligence: working memory

Why is the working memory part of executive intelligence? Our working memory allows us to establish relationships between different elements and we make decisions based on them. Thus, working memory is what allows us to integrate information, to reason, and to reach conclusions after processing information from different sources. One way to boost your working memory is by performing mental calculations.


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Working Memory

Working Memory

  • what you're immediately & consciously processing in your mind
  • through its connections to other parts of your brain, you can access long term memories
  • holds only about 4 chunks of information (researchers said 7 in the past)

A working memory model

The working memory model of Alan Baddeley divides the working memory into four components:

  1. The phonological loop. It is mostly the temporary storage of sounds.
  2. The visuospatial sketchpad. The sketchpad stores two- and three-dimensional image...

Working Memory

  • Working memory is where you hold the micro-intentions and deliberate aim of having a desired outcome for each and every task you engage in
  • All the decisions, planning, thinking, actions, and behaviors you do over the course of a day: anything you set out to do
  • You lean on you...

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