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Peace : In this world, we are faced with much turmoil, conflict, pain, disease, and suffering. Few live out life without passing through moments of stress and pain. But in the spiritual realms within, all is peace.


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The Philosophy Of Alan Watts

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Understanding the concept of the self

The importance of living in the present moment

The illusion of control

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Pain And Meaning

  • No matter how good we expect life to be, the pain, suffering, and the constant struggle is what gives meaning to life. The sweet isn't sweet without the sour.

  • It is through our hardships that we are grateful towards what we have and it is our unpleasant experiences that ...

Buddhism vs Modern Psychology

Buddhism vs Modern Psychology

  • How we see the world determines the world that we live in. The Buddha was a great psychologist in that he recognized that our perceptions shaped the world that we live in.
  • What he didn’t say, and that’s where modern psychology comes in, is that before, with our mind, we create our ...

Us and Them Are The Same

We need to stop creating mental divides and see the people around us as our common humanity.

  • We all feel pain and suffering.
  • We all die eventually.
  • We all lose our loved ones.

The way to recognize that we are 'them-ing' other peop...

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