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Knowing stuff

Knowing stuff

General knowledge makes us better equipped when we're out there facing the world. They also help us professionally and socially. We should have knowledge out of our interest zone also.

Being Present

Being Present

It simply means paying attention. If you're having a conversation with someone,pay full attention to that person.In this chaotic world, we get distracted easily. So, paying attention for longer period needs practice.

Being open minded

Being open minded

If you get stucked with your own ideas,perspectives or experiences and negatively judge others with different perspectives, you will miss the chance to gain something amazing. So, we shouldn’t immediately dismiss new ideas or experiences which are quite foreign to us. Now, this doesn’t mean that we have to become 'yes-man', who sympathises every single idea. Of course,we should have some strong values of our own.

Telling stories

Telling stories

Finding a medium to tell stories regardless of whether you chose to share it or not,can make life more vivid. The way we tell stories to others matters too. It often translates to how we feel about the person.

Having opinion of your own

Having opinion of your own

It's ok to keep our opinions to ourselves but if we find ourselves rarely or never expressing our opinions on anything we might feel insecured.

Being authentic

We often meet with persons who are not present in the moment, who's stories are not that much interesting, still we caught interest in them. And the reason behind this is, their authenticity. It's not about over sharing, rather it’s about not hiding, censoring or altering who we truly are.

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