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#3 :Lack of Commitment

It is very important for a team to have clear goals, clarity on the key decisions and actions. Every discussion should have clear goals set, review the key decisions at end of the meeting and have the every individual to commit to the actions agreed upon. People should weigh in their opinion and improve on their commitment. Commitment to the decisions are achieved when the conflicts are healthy within the team


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Every individual in the team is unique with his/her own strengths, weakness, interest, culture and capabilities. Together its more important for a team to be productive and happy with a collective goal in mind

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7 profound benefits of deep commitment:

  • Self-respect. Drifting dishonors you and your maker.
  • Clarity. The less committed you are, the more confused you become.
  • Decisions. Goals enable saying “no” to distractions. 
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Characteristics of the “design” workplace strength

  • Analyzing situations: The ability to conceptually break down a situation into parts and understand those parts.
  • Defining clear policies: The ability to establish well-understood guidelines to help groups of individuals work in a unified way.
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