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Every individual in the team is unique with his/her own strengths, weakness, interest, culture and capabilities. Together its more important for a team to be productive and happy with a collective goal in mind

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

by Patrick M. Lencioni


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The 5 dysfunctions of a team is a book written by Patrick Lencioni. The author brings out in depth analysis based on the study about the pitfalls the team faces when they grow together, explores the fundamental causes for organisational politics and team failures. 

Do your team members openly and readily disclose their opinions? : Reflects how vulnerable the team is and the trust between the team members

Are your team meetings compelling and productive? : Reflects conflict management

Does your team come to decisions quickly and avoid getting bog...

Trust is one of the fundamental block to build a high performing team. Normally teams believe they can trust only if they know each others. The pace at which the teams are growing in every organisation, be it co-located or virtual, building trust becomes an integral part

 Author cites that ...


During discussions, brainstorming, meetings the team's important role is to discuss openly so that the discussion is healthy and fruitful. Conflict discussions without trust gets manipulative, resulting in unconstructive, unhealthy discussions. Trust between the teams will improve by shar...

It is very important for a team to have clear goals, clarity on the key decisions and actions. Every discussion should have clear goals set, review the key decisions at end of the meeting and have the every individual to commit to the actions agreed upon. People should weigh in their opinion and ...

Accountability becomes a collective behaviour of the team. When a team member does not commit to a clear plan of action, the peers hesitate to call on the actions which becomes counterproductive for the entire team. This behaviour pulls down the overall team's productivity and performance rather ...

Team's collective goals are key for success of the business. When the teams have build good trust, healthy conflict, stand by their commitment, be accountable for their actions and are recognized within their organisation with rewards/others, teams are naturally inclined to stand by their collect...

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