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If people are only attacked, threatened, or criticized, then they will retreat. If you confront and correct while giving resources, reassurance, and opportunity to grow, then many will rise to the challenge.



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In this book, Robert Livingston has culled theory, data, and research from a range of scientific disciplines, including social psychology, behavioral economics, sociology, organizational behavior, political science, history, and evolutionary and molecular biology to address the fundamental question of how we can better name, understand, discuss, and resolve the problem of racism in society and the workplace.

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Make amends with those impacted

While it is an act of integrity and accountability to admit and apologize for your error, you will only rebuild trust if you correct the behavior or issue.

Share what you learned, how it’s going to be different, and commit to doing better. You may need to work hard to chan...

Ch.14 : Expand Never Contract.💫

Ch.14 : Expand Never Contract.💫

  • These times of tightening are unique opportunity to take from those who are taking a defensive posture by reducing spending.
  • Repeated attacks over extended period of time will always be successful.
  • The way out is to expand push and take action regardless of what others are sa...

Resilience Principles

  • Challenge: Resilient people turn difficulty into a challenge. They don't fight against reality, they confront it. 
  • Commitment: Having something to fight for gives you extra motivation. 
  • Self-Control: Free will is the realization that you own your actions ...

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