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How do I find your "who"

How do I find your "who"

Marketers may fall into the trap that they think they want to sell to everyone. If Coke and Nike sell to everyone, they think they should sell to everyone.

But you cant. You don't have the time and enough money. So that is good news because now you can be specific. You can say it is for these people but not for those people.

  • Who is it for? Who is it for psychographically? What do they believe? What do they dream of? What are their fears and desires?
  • You get to pick the who. They have a problem they know they want to solve. They have the means to solve it, and you are able to keep your promise.


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Running away from your problems is a race you`ll never win.

You can only become successful at marketing when you know who to sell to. Seth Godin takes marketers through the process of finding their "who".

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