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How To Use The Circle Of Life

On any given day or moment, we can quickly assess our relationship with any of the four kinds of awareness and see which part of the circle we are in. We then can choose to use our tools to move in whatever direction we want. But we can’t redirect unless we know where we are starting from.


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

We must learn to become aware of our physiological state so that we can choose where and when we want to go or stay. Whatever set of tools we decide to implement begins with awareness. Do you think you know where in the “circle of life” you really are at this minute?

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The Circle Of Life

The Circle Of Life

Finally, the “circle of life” can be used as a foundational template for implementing awareness into our daily life.

The circle of life consists of 3 concentric circles. The inner (green-coloured) core is the place where we feel safe, content and connected; the outer (red-coloured) ...

Awareness Is A Means To An End, Not An End In Itself

Once we become familiar with and skilled in developing these levels of awareness, we can actively use them as tools to calm down and redirect our nervous system. Some people make the strong argument that awareness is the only tool we need to heal. We know that we can’t “fix” ourself; our ...

The Baggage Of The Circle Of Life

The circle of life provides a foundational reference point of awareness for embarking on any healing journey. The challenging aspect of using it as a tool is that we must allow yourself to feel everything—but only as we can tolerate it. Allowing ourself to feel anxious i...

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