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We must learn to become aware of our physiological state so that we can choose where and when we want to go or stay. Whatever set of tools we decide to implement begins with awareness. Do you think you know where in the “circle of life” you really are at this minute?


Awareness as a Tool: The "Circle of Life"

Awareness as a Tool: The "Circle of Life"


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The essence of chronic mental and physical disease is being exposed to sustained levels of threat physiology. Your body is consuming resources for survival, and you cannot heal in this condition. Healing can only occur when you feel safe enough to replen...

Awareness is at the core of both survival and thriving. These are separate, and learned, skills.

Survival is instinctual and includes whatever strategies you have embedded over your lifetime. However, many of the actions we have acquired are not o...

Thriving is not as instinctual and must be cultivated and nurtured. If you are trying to use pleasant experiences, power, and material possessions to compensate for unpleasant emotions basic to survival, it can’t and doesn’t work. You cannot outrun your mind.

Having awareness is critical. You can’t solve problems in any domain without understanding details from both your perspective and that of other involved parties. If you are projecting your views onto a given situation, you are not going to come up with consistently viable solutions.

The first necessary step in using awareness is looking for clues that you are not as aware as you might think. By the way, if you think you are “aware” or “enlightened,” then you have already demonstrated that you are not aware. Any labels, positive or negative, ...

Second, understanding and nurturing different types of awareness enables you to learn skills in each of these arenas. Here are four suggested types to use as a baseline.

  • Environmental
  • Emotional
  • Judgment...

Environmental awareness is a tool by which you train your brain to connect to specific sensory inputs. It is used daily, and it shifts your attention away from disruptive thought patterns. With practice, i...

Emotional awareness is difficult in that you are training your brain to experience pain that you have been suppressing or repressing. Remember, emotions reflect sensations generated by your various physiological states—safety versus threat. They drive your behavior to av...

Awareness of the stories you create about your life to make sense out of where you fit into the world is particularly necessary. Many of the stories have been programmed in by your family, friends, and society. A high percentage of them are actually cognitive distortions that con...

Ingrained patterns are the essence of who you are; they make up your life view and evolve to become the lens through which all new information is processed. Since the human brain is programmed by interacting with others, each individual is incredibly unique. The early in...

Once you become familiar with and skilled in developing these levels of awareness, you can actively use them as tools to calm down and redirect your nervous system. Some people make the strong argument that awareness is the only tool you need to heal. We know that you can’t “fix” yourself...

With awareness, you can watch yourself respond; you are getting out of your own way and allowing yourself to heal. You become an observer of your own healing.

Remember, the steps required to create neuroplastic changes in your brain are:

  1. awareness

The Circle Of Life

Finally, the “circle of life” can be used as a foundational template for implementing awareness into your daily life.

The circle of life consists of 3 concentric circles. The inner (green-coloured) core is the place where you feel safe, content and connected; the outer (red-coloure...

On any given day or moment, you can quickly assess your relationship with any of the four kinds of awareness and see which part of the circle you are in. You then can choose to use your tools to move in whatever direction you want. But you can’t redirect unless you know where you are star...

The circle of life provides a foundational reference point of awareness for embarking on any healing journey. The challenging aspect of using it as a tool is that you must allow yourself to feel everything—but only as you can tolerate it. Allowing yourself to feel

Once you are aware of where you are at in the circle of life, you do have choices. You can remain where you are—even if you are in the red—take a “refueling break” by entering the green center, or move on by engaging in blue activities.

Freedom is ...

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What are emotions and what is the Emotion Wheel? Learn how to identify and label your emotions using the Emotion Wheel.



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