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Cons: Anger Can Cause You To React Impula

Cons: Anger Can Cause You To React Impula

  • Sometimes people can be impulsive when they’re angry. This includes saying things they don’t mean and being hurtful to the other person. Taking space and committing to revisiting the situation at a later time when your anger levels have reduced can be productive in some situations.

The intensity of your emotions may reduce with time. This can give you time to process your emotions, think about the situation more deeply, and see if your emotional reaction or position on the situation changes with time.


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  1. Leave: getting away from the situation prevents regrettable instinctive reactions.
  2. Breathe deeply: research indicates deep breathing and repeating a calming phrase reduces anger intensity.
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How to deal with anger

Instead of escalating your anger with insults or vengeful thoughts, start by focusing on the facts. Rational thinking can reduce your anger.

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Anger can make people seem less trustworthy

New research published in Psychological Science found that being angry at a false accusation can make the accused come off as untrustworthy, and therefore, guilty. However, their anger is usually a sign that they're innocent.

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