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Tips From Dr.Romanoff

Tips From Dr.Romanoff

  • Communicate: The first step is to try to find a way to communicate with the other person . If it does not seem likely that a resolution will be reached, be honest with each other and hit the pause button on the argument.
  • Use your anger as a guide: Anger can be a useful emotion that can guide you to locate your boundaries, speak to your values, solve problems, and provide information about what you need from the other person


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Don't Lose Your Cool

Losing your temper will only anger the other person, which will heighten the argument.

If you can keep things calm, you might even be able to stop the argument. 

"The Neftlix method" to control emotions

  • The pause button. Create a habit of thoughtful action. Train yourself to take a moment to stop and think before you act or speak.
  • Volume control. Train yourself to recognise when your volume is starting to go up.
  • The tuning dial. As you'd change the film ...

Strategies to change dynamics within a negotiation

Strategies to change dynamics within a negotiation

  • Emotion predicts action: A negotiator wants to know what you're thinking and will carefully track your emotion for clues. Choreographed emotions will call your opponent's bluff.
  • The  power of anger: For the opponent to concede to your demands, ...

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