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Prepare To Ask For More

Get better at asking for more by realizing where negotiation starts. It doesn’t start from the moment you sit down with your boss; it starts at home with you. It starts with being able to clarify your goals, your concerns, and your needs.

Expert negotiators are not the people with the most bluster or aggression; they’re the people with the most knowledge. They know themselves. They know the situation, and they have the ability to listen and get to know the other person really well so that they’re crafting the best possible deals.


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How To Give And Receive Constructive Criticism

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Understanding the importance of constructive criticism

How to receive constructive criticism positively

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How much to ask for

  • Look at what your role pays industrywide. Online tools can help you learn what the median pay is for industry, position, and location.
  • Avoid asking your colleagues what they're paid.
  • Avoid asking for an outlandish increase.

Messing up at work

Messing up at work

Overcoming mistakes at work starts with a difficult conversation.

Though it may not seem like it, your aim is actually to increase the amount of trust you get from your boss. If they know you will come to them to alert them of problems you have caused, then they don’t necessaril...

What to say to ask for a raise

Touch on why you think you’ve earned a raise — i.e., that your responsibilities and/or the level of your contributions have increased. 

If you know your boss will need to get your raise approved by someone above her, you can leave a short, bulleted list of key points of...

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