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How to get better at asking for more money

How to get better at asking for more money


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The Great Resignation Is A Re-examining

The “Great Resignation” can be considered the result of pent-up frustration and being put on pause. It is a great reexamining. People are looking at their lives and considering not just how much they want to be paid; they’re also deciding what they want their title to be and what their life shoul...

Get better at asking for more by realizing where negotiation starts. It doesn’t start from the moment you sit down with your boss; it starts at home with you. It starts with being able to clarify your goals, your concerns, and your needs.

Expert negotiators are not th...

The key is going from closed to open questions. Classic closed questions can be answered with a “yes” or “no,” and the easiest answer is “no.” Instead of asking for a promotion. You can ask: "What’s the promotion process going to look like this year?” Or, “What do you need from me to make the cas...

The final critical skill you need to master in a successful negotiation is “landing the plane.”

You asked your question and made your request, now, stop talking and land the plane. Silence can be nerve-wracking, putting you at risk of eating it up with words you may regret.
A lot ...

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