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The Next Best

If you need a new phone, you probably have an idea of what the perfect phone would be. It doesn’t exist, and so your “next best alternative” is likely going to be something like the iPhone 13 or the Pixel 6. They’re both imperfect, but one of them might be what you consider to be the best choice available.

Your product or service offering is the same. It’s not perfect, and people shouldn’t expect it to be. In fact, if you aren’t ashamed of those shortcomings, it can help your customer better appreciate what you have to offer. It’s not unlike saying “no” to help give your “yes” more power.


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Take any product that is considered to be best in class, and you can quickly find some issues with it. The iPhone doesn’t offer some of the flexibility of Android. A Tesla doesn’t have the same range as gas-powered cars. Gmail is missing some features that other alternatives provide.

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