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Evaluating Performance Expectations

  • Does your team know what’s expected of them?  Let your team paraphrase what has been told to them. 
  • Have you told your team what they can expect from you?  They need to know how and when to reach out to you, and that you are accessible to them as a knowledgeable resource. 
  • Do employees know what is expected of each other? It’s important that everyone knows how their work affects their colleagues and how to work in tandem to achieve team/organizational goals.
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    It’s up to you to make sure your team knows how to work best with you.

    If they aren’t regularly sharing progress with you, bug them. Ask them questions every day. Make it known that your awareness matters a lot, and affects the outcome of the project.

    The importance of managing expectations

    According to Qualtrics, employees do not engage properly when they are unsure of their company’s goals.

    When your team doesn’t know what you’re expecting from them, they also don’t know the direction they should be goin...

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    We need to think about:

    1. How does someone know your service exists when they need it?  Does your user know your service exists?
    2. How do they find it once they know it’s there? Can they find it using their own logical searches for what they’re looking for?

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