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The Freedom Of Money

With more Whos working on your goals, you’ll have more time to focus on the things that you’re good at. This allows you to increase your earning capacity and eventually attain the Freedom of Money (i.e. having enough money to solve most problems).


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To really succeed and reach a higher level of performance, you have to shift from a How-mentality to a Who-mentality. By focusing on who you work with rather than trying to do everything yourself, you'll find your levels of achievement will rise at the same time as you get dramatically more freedom. It's a win-win situation.

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How To Become a Better Decision-Maker

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Understanding the importance of decision-making

Identifying biases that affect decision-making

Analyzing the potential outcomes of a decision

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Freedom = Money

Freedom = Money

  • Money is your army. The more you have, the more they will fight for freedom.
  • Thinking never made anyone rich, unless that thinking manifests itself into consistent action toward application of laws that work.
  • Live below your means with intent...

The Money We Need

We don't really need massive amounts of money to live a happy life.

A good level of freedom and self-confidence can be attained by a relatively small figure of money.

We can take the middle path, doing things that we enjoy, carving a decent earning while attaining an enviable work-lif...

The Freedom of Choice

The Freedom of Choice

The freedom of choice is generally perceived to be good, but studies show that too much choice can be a hindrance and can impede the decision.

On the contrary, having fewer choices has shown to provide more satisfaction to the decision-maker.

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