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Make the data entertaining

Make the data entertaining

Data is just information. It needs to be organised, distilled and interpreted so the audience knows what the message is and what actions can be taken. Creating a story gives data a voice.

Consider framing your data in an amusing or comedic way.


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I’ve got 99 problems and I’m not dealing with any of them.

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Biases and decision making

Biases filter our experiences and affect the way we understand the world, only allowing us to see what we want to see. As we gather information, the brain uses what it knows to interpret it, but the information we receive is rarely entirely accurate, complete, or unbiased.

How to embrace the truth within

  • Recognise when you're telling yourself the story you rather want to hear. If you talk yourself into it or try to justify it, then it's probably a story, not the truth.
  • Don't act based on the story. The more you support the story with actions and co...

Show passion when you're telling a story

“What gets you excited about what you’re talking about? Why do you care?
If the audience knows why you care, they’ll have a reason to care.” In other words, the story needs to have stakes. And they don’t necessarily need to be significant. You can conceivably ...

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