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How to Tell a Good Story with Data

How to Tell a Good Story with Data


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Presenting data without a story is painfully boring

You may have been to a presentation that is rich in data, but there's no story or anything compelling to help you connect the data to the larger insights.

Without a story, the audience's eyes may start to gloss over as they try to remain present. You may struggle to understand what the pres...

The story helps to frame communication. Descriptors like people, pictures, colours, sounds, and points of view give data meaning.

For example, a politician may tell a story about Casey, whose life was improved because of specific legislation. As a listener, you may not ...

Make the data entertaining

Data is just information. It needs to be organised, distilled and interpreted so the audience knows what the message is and what actions can be taken. Creating a story gives data a voice.

Consider framing your data in an amusing or comedic way.

When stories accompany data, it allows us to see into other perspectives.

Stories make data relatable and memorable. It connects the audience to the data.

When data is connected to an effective story, it becomes a supporting actor in a larger production.

As a result, people will feel connected to the data and be more likely to take action.

Know your audience

The type of story depends on your audience. Some people will need more granular information, while others are only comfortable with the highlights.

For example, when you are presenting to the board, a story about how customers are impacted is more compelling than a story about Casey.

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