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You Need Around 7.5 Hours of Sleep. Plan Accordingly

No matter how busy you feel, pick a number  (7 hours) and work backward. If you need to get up at 6:30, that means falling asleep by 11:30.

Stop drinking caffeine sometime in the afternoon. Stop using your devices about 30 minutes before you need to fall asleep.  Then shut off the lights around 11:15. Relax. Let your mind wander. Don't think about going to sleep. Don't try to go to sleep. Just chill. If it takes you a long time to fall asleep, that's OK. Don't take a nap the next day. Just go to bed at the same time. Because as with most things, consistency is the key. And don't press snooze.


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The Snooze Button Isn't a Tool. It's a Warning

The Snooze Button Isn't a Tool. It's a Warning

The snooze button solves a simple problem: Instead of having to go through a bunch of steps to re-set your alarm when it goes off in the morning, you just give it one touch and you gain a few more precious minutes of sleep.

But that's not really why the snooze button exists.


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Don’t lie awake for hours

It takes many people between 20 and 30 minutes to fall asleep. So if you’re still awake after half an hour, it could be that you’re just not ready to sleep yet.

It might help to get up, go into another room, have dim lighting only and repeat some of your rou...

The kind of nap you choose

The kind of nap you choose

 ... will depend on several variables:

  • How much time you have at your disposal.
  • How much time you'll need to recover from sleep inertia after your nap.
  • How your nap will affect your ability to fall asleep later that day.

Tips to help you sleep

  • Don't chase sleep. Don't go to bed early or sleep late. Don't nap.
  • Don't go to be until you're sleepy. Sleepiness is when your eyes are drooping.
  • Don't stay in bed unless you're asleep.
  • Establish consiste...

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