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5. Practicing your values beats preaching them.

Stoic philosophy requires a great deal of personal responsibility. It’s not that you should be insanely hard on yourself, but you should understand that every decision that you make throughout the day contains a moral dimension.


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How To Have a Good Night

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Practicing stress reduction and relaxation techniques

Establishing a relaxing bedtime routine

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Control The Narrative Of Your Life

Change what you can control, let go of what you can’t and expect unfairness, difficulties and pain. Everything in your life is your responsibility, and what makes a negative occurrence bad is how you deal with it, not the thing itself.

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One of the root causes of analysis paralysis is that CEOs and founders built their organization to depend upon them. As a leader, your responsibility is not to make every decision yourself, but to create systems and a culture that empowers people to make educated decisions on their own.

Schedule your reading time.

Schedule your reading time.

It’s really hard to start a new behavior. Your new reading habit will be the same.

Set aside a time each day that you’ll use for reading.

Create reminders for yourself on your phone, or do whatever kind of prompting you need to make yourself responsible for...

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