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Tactic Ten – The 60-Minute Student

Those who are considered geniuses by society study for a minimum of 60 minutes each day. For you, it could be a book about your field or the latest update in your field. It could even be talking with your mentor. But, the idea is to learn. The moment we stop learning is the moment we stop growing.


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Book summaries mostly ...

The 5 AM Club offers advice on making your mornings the kickstart you need to attain your most remarkable achievements. Mornings are often a struggle for people. But Robin Sharma believes his formula can help anybody feel inspired and focused early in the morning. He also offers neuroscientific support for approaches that will help you rise far more quickly than the rest of society.

The idea is part of this collection:

The Psychology of Willpower

Learn more about education with this collection

How to strengthen your willpower

How to overcome temptation and distractions

The role of motivation in willpower

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Every business or social activity requires a basic understanding of how the human brain perceives the world.

We are all in the business of selling some version of ourselves. Psychology is embedded in everything we do.

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Here’s your ‘no excuses’ 5 minute morning routine

Here’s your ‘no excuses’ 5 minute morning routine

  • The first thing you do is sit up in bed and do a good ol’ fashioned stretch.
  • After that you spend another minute or so out of bed doing simple stretches–I’m talking REAL simple.
  • How do you best like to practice mindfu...

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