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Existential Intelligence

And even the three or four year old will explain it very differently to a young person, will go through details and point things and speak slowly. And with an older person, they'll be much more elliptical and say, well, you do this and that and then you can figure it out. So that shows as young as three, let's say, we already have a teaching intelligence.

The other one is one which I think is going to be difficult to prove to a skeptic, but I call it existential intelligence. And the existential intelligence is the intelligence of big questions, philosophical questions, artistic questions.


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Linguistic and Logical Intelligence

Linguistic intelligence is how well you're able to use language. It's a kind of skill that poets have, other kinds of writers. Journalists tend to have linguistic intelligence, orators. The second intelligence is logical mathematical intelligence. As the name implies, logicians, mathematicians, s...


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Understanding Yourself

 Back way in history and pre-history, knowledge of yourself probably wasn't that important because people did what their parents and grandparents did, whether they were hunters or fishermen or crafts people. But nowadays, especially in a developed society, people lead their own lives. We follow o...


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Intrapersonal Intelligence

Leaders hopefully have a lot of interpersonal intelligence. But any intelligence can be used in a pernicious way. So we got the sales that sells you something you don't want for a price you don't want to pay. He or she has got personal intelligence, it's just not being used in a way that we might...


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Humor Intelligence

And if the parent came to me and said, well, should we supplement or should we accentuate? I would say, well, tell me what you'd like your child to do. Or better, let the child tell you what he or she wants to do rather than saying, well, science says you should do one or the other. I think it's ...


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Questions of Existence

What does it mean to love? Why do we die? What's going to be in the future? My pet bird might have more musical intelligence. The rats that are scurrying around the floor might have more spatial intelligence, but no other animals have existential intelligence. Part of the human condition is to th...


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Spatial Intelligence

And I say, well, why, if you're good with words, is that an intelligence, but if you're good with tones and rhythms and tambours ... and nobody's ever good me good answer. Which is why it makes sense to talk about musical intelligence. And in certain cultures over history, musical intelligence ha...


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Kinds of Intelligences

Whereas philosophers and other people who develop existential intelligence are really very interested in how we attack questions like that.

So again, whether there's eight intelligences or 10 or 12 is less important to me than having broken the monopoly of a single intelligence, which label...


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 And so the big question is, should you play to strength, or should you bolster weakness? And that's a value judgment. Scientist cannot give you an answer to that.

If, for example, you want to be a Jack-of-all-trades and be very well rounded, then probably you're going to want to nurture th...


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Human Beings Intelligence

But another variety is being able to use your hands or other parts of your body to solve problems or make things. A craft person would have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, even if they weren't particularly a good athlete or dancer. The sixth intelligence and seventh intelligence have to do with ...


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The Intelligence of Charles Darwin

And that's the capacity to make important relevant discriminations in the world of nature. Between one plant and another, between one animal and another. It's the intelligence of the naturalist, the intelligence of Charles Darwin. I missed it the first go around when I wrote about it, but tried t...


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Howard Gardner

 And what happens is in humor, there's a certain expectation and you flip that expectation. So it's logic, but it's logic that's played out in different kinds of ways. People have mentioned there's such a thing as a cooking intelligence, a humor intelligence, and a sexual intelligence. And I quip...


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Eight Classes of Intelligence

Eight Classes of Intelligence

Which are you? IQ tests only measure two of the eight intelligences. Howard Gardner explains.

What does it mean when someone calls you smart? According to developmental psychologist Dr. Howard Gardner, it could mean one of eight things. ...


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Field Knowledge

Now, you could have two people who have exactly the same expertise and knowledge in the field, but one is a very good teacher and the other isn't. That probably doesn't surprise individuals so much, but what got me fascinated was as young as two or three, kids already know how to teach.



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Musical Intelligence

And if you do well in those tests, as long as you stay in school, you think you're smart. But if you ever walk out into Broadway or a highway or into the woods or into a farm, you then find out that other intelligences are at least as important. The third intelligence is musical intelligence. And...


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Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

A surgeon would have spatial intelligence. But there's another variety of spatial intelligence, which we use for a much broader navigation. That's what an airplane pilot or a sea captain would have. How do you find your way around large territory and large space.

Similarly, with the fifth i...


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Pedagogical Intelligence

One hairstyle rather than another? Those all make use of the naturalist intelligence, because the brain's very adaptive, and when an old use of a brain center no longer is relevant, it gets hijacked for something new. So we're all using our naturalist intelligence, even if we never walk out into ...


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A Video Interview

In this video interview, Dr. Gardner addresses his eight classifications for intelligence: linguistic, logical mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist.

Currently, I think there are eight intelligences that I'm very co...


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