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How to Build a Product Roadmap

No matter the approach you choose for your roadmap, you’ll follow a general roadmapping process to get the ball rolling. 

  1. Establish organizational and product goals with your team
  2. Determine how your product can achieve said goals (this should be a group collaboration with your team)
  3. Create a draft roadmap
  4. Ask for feedback from your team
  5. Get stakeholders’ buy-in to the roadmap


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What is a Product Roadmap?

A roadmap is a visualized plan of what you want to build overtime. A great product roadmap communicates the ‘why’ and the ‘what’, whereas a product backlog communicates the ‘how.’


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Outcome-Oriented Roadmaps

Outcome-Oriented Roadmaps

Where it differs to theme-oriented roadmaps is what’s at the highest level: an outcome. An outcome is defined as “something that follows as a result or consequence.” By agreeing on the outcomes you will be driving toward, it leaves full power to the team to define the solution. 

Most stakeh...


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Few Reasons Why Roadmaps Can Change...

Few Reasons Why Roadmaps Can Change...

  1. Evolving customer, business or industry needs may require changing up your roadmap in order to address them in order to get the most impact.
  2. Analytics Data - You may think that the feature you’re working on will revolutionize the customer experience,...


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Theme-Oriented Roadmaps

Theme-Oriented Roadmaps

Theme-oriented roadmaps are a way to communicate the value that will be delivered to the users, without describing exactly what the team will deliver within that theme.

This keep the team focused on solving the larger problem at hand, and anytime something else is brought up, it’s easy to a...


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Why Are Product Roadmaps Important?

Why Are Product Roadmaps Important?

  • They provide vision and direction to your team
  • They ensure all teams are on the same page when it comes to product priorities and provides transparency to all stakeholders.
  • They allow for feedback and consensus so all team members and stakeholders can buy in to the proces


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Can Roadmaps Change/Evolve?

Can Roadmaps Change/Evolve?

A roadmap is akin to using a compass to figure out which direction you need to travel. Roadmaps provide vision and clarity but by no means are they inflexible or the answer to everything. A great PM has the ability to adapt to and/or foresee market shifts happening and make changes to their roadm...


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Types Of Product Roadmaps

Types Of Product Roadmaps

There are many different ways you and your team can build a product roadmap. Each type of product roadmap serves a specific purpose that should match the needs of your team, stakeholders, and customers.

  1. Status-Oriented
  2. Theme-Oriented
  3. Outcome-Oriented


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Status-Oriented Roadmap

Status-Oriented Roadmap

A status-oriented roadmap allows everyone to better understand where the team is currently at, without necessarily committing to any kind of time frame.

It’s organized into three columns that are based around the status of each deliverable—now, next, and later. It helps with prioritization...


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