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Why motivation is not the spark

Why motivation is not the spark

The ultimate motivation myth is that we all need motivation to get something done. But instead, we gain motivation when we see ourselves making progress.

It is not motivation that leads to action. It's action that leads to success, which leads to motivation, which leads to more action, which generates more success and motivation. This creates a positive dopamine feedback loop. 


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Debunking some of the popular myths around motivation.

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The Motivation Trap

Our self-motivation and excitement have a relatively short life span, and while we want to be motivated before we start something, it is only possible once we have begun. This paradox is called the Motivation Trap and basically implies that action precedes motivation and not the other way...

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Instead of major inspiration that leads to action, it's the subtle systems that give results over time.

When we understand this, the attitude we need is curiosity, not just bravery. Success is primarily the result of careful design...

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