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Debunking some of the popular myths around motivation.

Why Motivation is a Myth

Why Motivation is a Myth

Ali Abdaal


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When motivation doesn't move you to action

When we're unproductive or wasting our time, we like to tell ourselves we're missing motivation.  We intuitively think that we need this motivation to give us the spark to get started. 

However, we can reframe and restructure our lives so that we never need to worry about motivation again.

Jeff Haden, author of The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win,  explains why we misunderstand motivation. 

Motivation is something you can create yourself. When you put in the effort, you will improve. Improvement feels good and motivates you to do what is on...

Why motivation is not the spark

The ultimate motivation myth is that we all need motivation to get something done. But instead, we gain motivation when we see ourselves making progress.

It is not motivation that leads to action. It's action that leads to success, which leads to motivation, which leads to...

Processes over goals

We are often told that to get motivation to do something, we should set some kind of goal to motivate us to get started. This theory is misguided. 

While there's nothing wrong with setting a goal, a goal isn't enough.  Having a goal to run a marathon will not get you across the fin...

Conventional wisdom says we should try and be specialised. We should get really good at one thing.

Instead, we should be thinking like generalists. There are so many different skills we can learn that will synergise. Innovation doesn't come from being very speciali...

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Some ideas highlighting the fine line between the brain of a gamer vs. the one of a non-gamer. I have also created a video on this: Speed & Agility - The Key to Getting More Done https://youtu.be/OtpIdRNUMKM



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