Week 4: Your New Relationship - Deepstash
Week 4: Your New Relationship

Week 4: Your New Relationship

  1. Day 22: Trial separation recap: Reflect on your trial separation and see what you’ve learned.
  2. Day 23: Phast: Practice turning your phone off occasionally.
  3. Day 24: Manage your invitations.  Stop, and meditate when you feel the urge to reach out to your phone
  4. Day 25: Clean up the rest of your digital life.
  5. Day 26: Start being aware of why you are checking your phone. 
  6. Day 27: Experiment with breaks from your phone often.
  7. Day 28: Create a plan to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your phone.
  8. Day 29:  Schedule a regular check-in on yourself.
  9. Day 30:  You made it!


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