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10 ways to do self-care

In this busy world you must have some time for yourself, continuously working for months and not giving time for yourself makes you stressed and frustrated.

Take out some time for yourself. It can be Saturday or Sunday because most of the people stay free during these days. 

Start doing self-care with these 10 ways that will make you relax and refresh


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Why is self care important? How to practice self care? What does self care mean? Get the most common questions answered in this self care guide.

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3 ways to practice self-care

3 ways to practice self-care

  1. Allow yourself to unplug from the news and social media for a few days.
  2. Recognize when you need self-care and then respond to that need.
  3. Have a self-care checklist ready that has dozens of options tailored just for you: Th...

Create The Time To Relax

Create The Time To Relax

It is sometimes difficult to find some time to relax in our busy lives. However, it is important to set aside some quiet and uninterrupted time to be able to meditate, relax, and breathe.

  • Find a time where you can have some peace and quiet where you won't be interrupted;
  • Set...

Double Down on Self-Care

Double Down on Self-Care

During this crisis, we learned that taking care of ourselves — staying safe and well — is also a way to care for our community.

Self care means setting priorities, setting boundaries and finding purpose:

  • Start by mapping out a typical day, from morning until ...

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