11. 💰Gambler's Fallacy - Deepstash
11. 💰Gambler's Fallacy

11. 💰Gambler's Fallacy

We think future possibilities are affected by past events, even though they are independent.

Ex: "Ankur is tossing the coin and heads have come up 9 times. Now it will tail for sure."


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I wish we were taught about these biases in school, in addition to what school taught us. These biases prepare us for life in more ways than the curriculum does. - Ankur Warikoo

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The gambler's fallacy

It is a glitch in our thinking that occurs when we place too much weight on past events, believing that they will have an effect on future outcomes.

The optimistic bias toward the future

There’s an extreme positivity bias toward the future: we think that future events are more important to our identity than the past events.

But we have to temper our expectations and keep in mind that no matter the degree in which we can dream up detailed scenes of things yet to come,

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We are all affected by our emotions and most of the times our emotions will show before we even think about it.

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