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How To Give And Receive Constructive Criticism

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How To Give And Receive Constructive Criticism

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Struggling to achieve your goals

Struggling to achieve your goals

Most people have a gap between the person they are and the person they want to be. There are little things you think you should do and big things you ought to commit to, like working out regularly, eating healthy, writing a novel, reading more or simply doing your hobby. 

But it may seem that you must become different to achieve your goals. While other people can consistently put in more effort with discipline and willpower, maybe you find yourself slipping back into your old ways and always seem to fail.


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Change is actually hard

Change is actually hard

Making a decision to do something is like moving through a real jungle: It's hard.

Your brain hates using energy, so it came up with a trick. All your actions and behaviours leave paths in the jungle of your brain. The more often you do something, the more stamped out the trails become, so...


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Introducing new habits

Introducing new habits

If we want to change and introduce a new behaviour into our lives,  we can focus on small changes, not big ones.

Improving your life a little is much better than aiming high and doing nothing.


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How to build a habit

The best way to make change easier is not to force it with willpower. Instead, convince your brain that it's no big deal.

For example, if you want to become fitter, the first thing to do is break this vague goal into clear, separate actions. The idea is to make the action as easy as possibl...


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Routines and habits

  • A routine is a sequence of actions you carry out the same way every time because they've worked well for you. For example, you get the same ingredients for your favourite dish and cook them the same way because you like the taste of the result.
  • Routines can eventuall...


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