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Take a Typing Break

Take a Typing Break

Not taking a break can lead to an unnecessary and frustrating slowdown in your workflow. A typing break is exactly what it sounds like. You’re giving yourself a break from typing.

This break can help you clear your mind and get your thoughts organized. If you take a break, you’ll come back to your work with a fresh mind and energy. You’ll find it easier to get back into a regular workflow and get things finished. You don’t have to do anything special during your break. Just take a short walk around the block, grab a coffee, or sit outside for a few minutes.


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Typing fast on the keyboard is a must-have skill.

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Write your message and put it aside. Come back to it after a while and read it again. 

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Take a break

The more time you give yourself to process your emotions, the less intense they are likely to be.

Excuse yourself for a moment: get a cup of coffee or a glass of water, go to the bathroom or take a stroll. Don't give the impression that you are desperately trying to escape.

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